NAD Goes Wireless Hi-Fi

NAD Electronics, a 40-year-old supplier of audiophile-grade components, has launched VISO, a sub-brand that focuses on wireless digital music systems. VISO’s first product, the $700 VISO 1, has the potential to trump many other digital music docks. It incorporates NAD’s expertise in the realm of digital-to-analog conversion—using the same DAC found in the brand’s $6,000 Masters Series amplifier—as well as the newly developed aptX audio coding for transferring 16-bit, 44.1 kHz (CD-quality) music files from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled portable device. The VISO 1 offers dummy-proof operation, serves as a dock and charging station for iPhones and iPods, and sports a clean and simple design sure to appease audiophiles and interior designers alike. (905.831.6555, nadelectronics.com)

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