Naim Introduces a Classy All-in-One Player

Naim Audio is clearly doing something right with its Uniti collection of all-in-one players. Two years ago, the company’s UnitiQute won an Innovations in Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association. For 2013, Naim’s new UnitiLite player has received another. Surprisingly slim for a unit that does so much, the UnitiLite comprises a CD player; a music streamer able to play files with resolutions up to 32 bits/192 kHz, an Internet radio application with optional FM/digital-radio tuner; and a 50-watt integrated amplifier. Wi-Fi and Ethernet ready, the UnitiLite has multiple inputs and is able play MP3 files from a USB memory stick or from Apple devices, which can also control the unit. (The front-panel buttons and provided remote also offer control.) Its outputs accommodate speakers, preamplifiers, and headphones, making the UnitiLite a superb all-in-one music solution. It is priced at $2,995, or $3,395 with the FM module. (www.soundorg.com)

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