New dCS Rossini Line Beautifully Simplifies the Digital Audiophile Experience

Digital audio has become increasingly complex, but the new dCS player and DAC epitomize ease of use…

With the variety of digital audio sources now available—from personal collections to disruptive, high-end, Internet music-streaming services—ensuring easy access to everything on a personal audio system can be a challenge. Data Conversion Systems (dCS) has stepped in to resolve this problem with the new dCS Rossini line, which offers an array of features without compromising audio purity.

The Rossini DAC (about $23,340) includes many digital audio inputs for connecting to CD players, computers, or other Universal Plug n’ Play (UPnP) devices via Ethernet, such as a network-attached storage device. Also, increasingly important in recent years, the DAC will connect to subscription streaming services for accessing massive online libraries. The Rossini Player (about $28,000) adds a built-in CD transport to the mix, for those who prefer to load the physical CD into their system. Perhaps most importantly, dCS has incorporated a simple remote app for tablets that can control the system and its myriad of connected devices from any location. The Rossini DAC and Player both are capable of playing all major digital music formats, and feature machined aluminum chassis with internal vibration damping to ensure isolated sonic signal. (dcsltd.co.uk)


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