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This New Smart Desk Allows You To Check Apps While You Work

Because we all need another way of losing hours to Twitter while we work.

Lumina-desk Lumina

Smart phone. Smart car. Smart fridge. So far, so meh. Now though, we’re in the era of the smart desk.

We know that remote work is here to stay and that this shift has caused many to invest more on their private office space. Now a new worktop with “in-desk display” promises to make that change even more manageable.

The smart 24-inch OLED screen embedded in the surface between your monitor and your keyboard allows you to connect to all of your apps so you can switch over from your Slack to Twitter and Google Calendar with no hassle.

The tabletop is made with anti-glare reinforced glass to provide the screen. It has a 60Hz refresh rate with two 20 x 20 wireless charging pads: If your outlets are all taken up, the desk’s surface provides 200 watts of power to wirelessly boost items.

The sit-stand desk comes with a range of other features, including an automatic timer that raises and lowers your desk depending on your work schedule throughout the day. The height range runs from 30 to 47 inches.


Features include an automatic standing timer to adjust the height of your desk throughout the day.  Lumina

Hidden within are various compartments to store your wires and offer plug outlets, including six USB charging stations for your other devices.

According to Input Magazine, the company says it will be offering an SDK for third-party developers to make their own apps using the company’s operating system. The desk is compatible with Window and macOS softwares. Don’t worry about tech support— Lumina told Robb Report via email that that the company plans to offer a “premium one-on-one video onboarding” for desk customers to help them learn how to properly use the desk to its full capacity.


The smart 24-inch OLED non-touchscreen allows you to move between apps with no hassle.  Lumina

You’ll have to wait, though, if you’re interested in bringing the Lumina to your office as the first batch of desks is expected to ship during the second half of 2023. Customers reserve a desk online with a deposit of $500. Lumina has confirmed to Robb Report that the price for the item will range from $1500 to $2000. More details are available at that link.

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