Old Is New Again

Given that Cary Audio has been building its CAD 211amplifier for 17 years, and that the CAD 211 itself is based on circuit designs dating back to the 1940s, it can safely be called a classic. The company recently celebrated the 211’s longevity with a special CAD 211 Founder’s Edition model. Each of the monophonic amplifiers delivers impressive power for a tube amplifier: 70 watts in Class A mode (which has a purer sound that audiophiles prefer) and a maximum of 150 watts in Class B mode (which is exclusive to the Founder’s Edition). The Founder’s Edition adds a bias meter on the front panel to aid in adjusting the amp during tube replacement. Cary Audio dresses the Founder’s Edition in automotive paint instead of the workaday black that coats the original 211; jaguar anthracite is standard, and other colors are available on request. However, we expect the observer’s focus to be on the orange glow of the amp’s 7-inch-tall output tube rather than on the paint. (919.355.0010, www.caryaudio.com)

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