Power Plate’s Newest Workout

Besides accelerating your gym results, Power Plate’s newest model, the my7, now acts as your own personal trainer, making sure you attain the customizable fitness goals you’ve plugged in.

Body vibration technology, first used by astronauts and elite athletes, was introduced for home use in 2006 with the Personal Power Plate. Essentially an electric surface on which to perform your crunches, push-ups, and other exercises, its constant vibrations triggered 20 to 50 muscle contractions per second, increasing bone density, blood circulation, strength, and balance in a fraction of the time. Its drawback: you still had to come up with your own workout.

That’s no longer a worry with the newly released my7. With six resistance levels and 250 training programs, including workouts to help with weight-loss, and skills in skiing, golf, and tennis, the $7,995 my7 offers more than 1,000 exercises that all utilize Power Plate’s vibration technology. If that isn’t enough, all activities are demonstrated on the included touch-screen monitor. It’s almost like it does the work for you. (www.powerplate.com)

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