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Car Design Legend Ian Callum Created a Sleek Driving Simulator That You Won’t Have to Hide in the Garage

The rig has everything you need to race top-level cars from the comfort of your home.

Prodrive and CALLUM's racing simulator Prodrive

If the only thing stopping you from buying a high-tech racing simulator is how ugly most of them are, you’re in luck.

Prodrive has teamed up with Ian Callum’s design studio, Callum, for a new racing simulator that actually looks good. The sleek rig has all the features you’d expect from a professional-grade simulator, along with a chic design that will blend in with almost any room in your house.

Prodrive and CALLUM are calling their rig the “most beautiful simulator in the world” and it’s hard to argue. Most racing simulators are chunky and all-black systems not dissimilar from the old Daytona USA arcade cabinet. The design dreamed up by Callum is much more sophisticated, though. The firm has done away with everything but the 11.5-foot rig’s most essential elements, so that all that’s left is a sculpted carbon monocoque cockpit that sits in a canopy made of 16-layers of birch wood and is finished in gloss black. In the right room, it’ll look just like a particularly artistic reading chair.

The simulator is also packed with everything you need to race top level cars from the comfort (and safety) of your home. The cockpit its outfitted with a Cobra Nogaro Street seat, a mechanical pedal box and a Precision SIM LM Pro steering wheel with rotary dials and 12 programmable push buttons. It also has a curved 49-inch AOC dual QHD monitor that supports up to 5K resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate, which is powerful enough to take advantage of the simulator’s robust computing abilities. The system utilizes a 12GB GeForce RTX graphics card and runs Assetto Corso racing software. It doesn’t appear to have built-in speakers, which is a little odd, but Prodrive includes a set of high-quality Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Bluetooth headphones. The wireless cans will help complete the immersive experience and also save anyone else in the room from the sound of squealing tires.

Intrigued? You can reserve Prodrive and Callum’s racing simulator now through the former’s website. Each system costs $46,665, but that includes delivery and set up so you can start racing as soon as it arrives.

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