Robb Design Portfolio: A New Spin

The grooves in the surface of vinyl records provide the minute sonic details that audio purists demand, but they are extremely sensitive to vibrations, which will blur the sound. Montreal’s Kronos Audio (www.kronosaudio.com) is among the audio-component makers employing new technologies and innovative designs to eliminate the vibrations that plague analog playback.

The company’s debut product, a turntable called the Kronos, is the first and only suspended turntable to utilize two stacked platters that rotate in opposite directions. Each platter is powered by its own motor and drive system and is computer-controlled to rotate at precisely the same speed as the other. This design removes any vibrations caused by the torsional forces of the platters. The turntable also includes a suspension system that minimizes mechanical vibrations and vibrations from the speakers. When paired with a high-quality tonearm and phono cartridge, the Kronos transmits an unparalleled level of detail. The company plans to produce only 250 examples of the Kronos, each priced at $28,000 (not including the tonearm and phono cartridge).

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