The RS20i Cinema-Class Audio Processor May Make Trips to the Theater Obsolete

The power of a professional cinema audio control, ported for the home theater…

High-end audio and home-theater enthusiasts tend to avoid products that incorporate an overabundance of features, as they often do not contribute to the quality of the sound and, in many cases, detract from it. Such is not the case with the new Datasat RS20i audio processor ($19,000 to $25,000).

A no-holds-barred audio processing unit for discerning audio connoisseurs and cinephiles, the RS20i is a direct relative of Datasat’s commercial movie-theater platform. The versatile processor gives users the ability to control amplification levels to speakers in configurations that most other audio processors could only dream of, controlling more than four subwoofers and nine channels of surround sound. The system also incorporates stackable equalizers (EQs), which allow the user to code EQ settings for different applications (such as music, movies, or other home-theater uses) and save them for future use. The RS20i can be paired with Datasat’s 300-watt-per-channel RA7300 amplifiers for the full professional cinema experience. (datasatdigital.com)

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