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Sennheiser Urbanite Offers “Bass as it Should Be” In a Rugged and Flexible Design

Old Lyme, CT, October 7, 2014 With its new Urbanite headphones, Sennheiser delivers what young, urban mobile music lovers have been craving: detailed, heart-thumping bass in a durable, trend setting design that’s built for the long haul. With two new closed back design models, the on-ear Urbanite and over-ear Urbanite XL, listeners can experience punchy bass as it was ‘meant to be’ – without sacrificing any of the detailed mid and high frequencies. 

With a design sensibility inspired by millennials, the Sennheiser Urbanite not only satisfies the most discerning ears with its lush and detailed, low frequency response, but is also in rugged and flexible in its construction – with carefully chosen materials like stainless steel hinges, forged aluminium sliders and resilient, textile headband materials.  

“The Sennheiser Urbanite is the perfect answer for a new generation of quality conscious music fans who seek both great sound and eye catching aesthetics,” commented Dr. Christian Ern, Director of Product Management, Consumer, Sennheiser Communications A/S. “Sonically, Urbanite excels, featuring smooth, deeply rounded bass that sits perfectly below clear and transparent midrange and high frequencies.”  

With its emphasis on the lower end of the frequency range, the sound signature of the Sennheiser Urbanite represents a slight departure from other headphone models. This is achieved with an ultra-sensitive high quality speaker, an effective seal around the ear, and careful tuning by Sennheiser engineers ensuring a smooth and transparent response.

Urbanite: form and function to go

The new generation of music lovers not only crave great sound wherever they go, but also depend on durable, flexible products that are visually appealing – and that can keep up with a rapid and diverse lifestyle. When it comes to materials, construction and flexibility, the Sennheiser Urbanite delivers on these expectations.

With a rounded ear cup design, Urbanite’s color palette features a range of carefully chosen hues designed to mix and match with millennials’ fashion staples – such as sneakers, backpacks, caps and other accessories. The quality of materials found in Urbanite make it both attractive and durable, and ready for wherever a listener’s journey may lead. 

Urbanite’s design features a medley of high quality and functional elements including steel hinges, forged aluminium sliders and resilient, cloth headband material. Steel hinges on the bottom of the ear cups provide strength and durability, enabling the Sennheiser Urbanite to be neatly packed away when not in use. 

Urbanite’s headband features another unique design element: textile material that has been ‘borrowed’ from the outdoor furniture industry. This material not only yields increased durability, but is also very difficult to soil. The inside of the headband is lined with a non-sticky silicone substrate that ensures the headphone’s weight is evenly distributed on the head. 

Perfectly suited for the diverse, fast paced lives of millennials, the Sennheiser Urbanite packs punchy bass, quality materials and user flexibility into a bold and new iconic design. 

For more information on Urbanite, please visit www.sennheiser-urbanite.com

About Sennheiser

The Sennheiser Group based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1945 and has gone on to become a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Sales in 2013 totaled 590.4 million euros. Sennheiser employs more than 2,500 staff worldwide and operates plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The company has a worldwide network of subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark (Nordic), Russia, Hongkong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. It also has long-established trading partners in other countries. Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, a maker of studio microphones and monitor speakers, and Sennheiser Communications A/S, a joint venture making headsets for PCs, offices and call centers, are also part of the Sennheiser Group.

More up-to-date information about Sennheiser is available on the Internet at www.sennheiserusa.com.

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