Serious Speakers

In the last three years, Magico has emerged as one of the high-end audio industry’s premier speaker brands. While all of the company’s products combine elegant industrial design and impeccable engineering, the Q5 is certain to overshadow them all. The enclosure of this $54,000-per-pair tower is assembled from more than 50 individual parts machined out of aluminum or brass. Each speaker stands 47 inches high and weighs 387 pounds. The speaker’s mass and rigidity should eliminate any extraneous vibrations that would diminish audio fidelity. Outer surfaces are polished then anodized for a distinctive and durable finish. Three 9-inch woofers deliver substantial bass output, while a tweeter made with a rare, expensive, and extraordinarily stiff beryllium diaphragm assures a clear and present treble. According to Magico, assembly of a single pair of Q5s takes almost one full week; initial reports say that the speaker’s performance is well worth the time invested in producing it. (510.649.9700,