Sharp’s Newest TV Models are Bigger and Better

For its fall lineup, Japanese electronics giant Sharp is rolling out a pair of 70-inch TV models: the Aquos LC-70LE735U and the Elite PRO-70X5FD. (Display-panel enthusiasts will recognize the latter’s Elite logo, the rights to which Sharp acquired from Pioneer’s late, great TV business. Pioneer’s top panels were plasma-driven, however.) While these sets’ obvious benefits include superior 3-D functionality and a sizable viewing area—the largest 3-D LCDs on the market, in fact—the new 70-inchers also offer generous upgrades from Sharp’s previous models.

The Aquos model (about $4,800) takes advantage of Sharp’s four-color Quattron technology, which adds yellow to traditional RGB sub-pixel components, for a wider color gamut with more vibrant hues. A full-array LED lighting engine behind the LCD panel replaces edge lighting, enables local dimming, and helps reduce cross talk for both the 2-D and 3-D picture.

The Elite model (about $8,500) is sure to be a top contender in a world of rapidly evolving display-panel technology. It pairs all the benefits of a four-color and full-array LED-lit display, with THX certification and Sharp’s proprietary Intelligent Variable Contrast technology, which automatically controls backlight levels for an optimal viewing experience in any environment. It also comes with built-in apps from Netflix, YouTube, and Skype, in addition to Sharp’s Elite tech support, which allows a Sharp representative to connect to your TV remotely and help with setup, picture adjustment, and more. The Elite-brand TVs will be available only through select high-end retailers and custom installers. (800.237.4277, www.sharpusa.com)

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