Shinola Takes a Shine to Vinyl with the Runwell Turntable

The soon-to-be released record player debuts the Detroit-based brand’s new Audio line…

In news that will be music to any audiophile’s ears, Shinola is putting its own distinctive spin on the return of vinyl records with the new Runwell turntable. The Detroit-based luxury brand (most known for bicycles, watches, and leather goods) announced yesterday that it is branching out with a new Audio division, helmed by headphone heavyweight Alex Rosson (founder of Audeze), and the Runwell is its premiere product.

The belt-driven turntable, built in partnership with New Jersey’s VPI Industries, is fashionably formed in steel, aluminum, and wood. Able to play at two speeds, it contains precision-machined aluminum componentry (including the main plate, platter, and tone arm) designed in-house and made by MDI Manufacturing, and circuitry and a phono preamplifier manufactured by American Board Assembly. And to ensure that its stylus stays true to the groove, the Runwell relies on an Ortofon 2M Blue phono cartridge.

Arriving to market in November, the first limited-edition run will consist of 500 examples, each priced at $2,500, available at Shinolo’s own shops, appointed hi-fi outfitters, and online. (shinola.com)

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