Sights and Sounds

In the past, discerning customers seeking out Meridian (www.meridian-audio.com) audiovisual equipment had to locate a brand integrator who operated a private showroom open by appointment only. But with the debut of the first U.S. Meridian Audio gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in November, the Meridian retail experience has changed drastically.

The boutique, which is located next door to the city’s Ferrari and Maserati dealership, carries all of Meridian’s products in all genres and offers a reception lounge where clients can discuss the details of their system and their installations. Future plans call for cross-promotional events, where customers will have the chance to interact with Meridian’s lineup of audiovisual products while also sampling other high-end goods, like vintage timepieces and top-shelf spirits.

However, the boutique will continue to focus primarily on the Meridian experience, which is why the retail space includes a fully equipped home theater. “Not only can you experience award-winning Meridian products, you get to take a seat in our state-of-the-art digital theater,” says John Buchanan, a Meridian executive vice president. “You will truly get to see and hear what Meridian has to offer. It’s a fun experience.”

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