Small-Scale Surround-Sound Packs Power

Compact home theater speaker systems suffer a dismal reputation for sound quality, but excellence can hardly be expected from inexpensive plastic boxes. Still, there are many who would enjoy a competent, compact, and stylish surround-sound system, and it is for them that Danish speaker manufacturer DALI created the Fazon Sat. The Fazon Sat’s curvaceous cast- aluminum enclosure provides a rigid housing for its 4½-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter. An ingeniously designed gimbaled bracket allows the owner to point each Fazon Sat in the exact direction desired. The speakers may be placed on stands, a table, or mounted on a wall. A $2,500 system of five Fazon Sats (in your choice of gloss black or gloss white) and DALI’s tiny Lektor subwoofer deliver a complete 5.1-channel surround-sound experience. The Fazon Sat’s reproduction of voices is outstanding for such a handsome little speaker, and the Lektor’s couch-shaking capability is matched by few subwoofers of its size. (303.464.7000,