Snyder Diamond Imports First Residential Blast Chiller from Italy

With the Italian Freddy Hot/Cold Blast Chiller kitchen appliance newly available in the U.S. residential market, home chefs have the ability to shock freeze, cook, thaw, proof, blast chill and heat their food in the comfort of their own kitchen. Freddy, the first domestic appliance that combines hot and cold functions, and the first blast chiller designed for residential use, is now available in Southern California at Snyder Diamond’s Santa Monica showroom.

With its sleek Italian design, Freddy, by Irinox, is the ultimate smart kitchen device that uses cutting-edge proven technology to freeze, chill and heat with outstanding results. It has been favored by hotels and restaurants in Italy for years, and has only been available in North America since October 2014. Now, for the retail price of $5,175, home chefs can enjoy the advanced benefits of this sophisticated commercial appliance, which is about the size of a microwave.  “When it comes to blast chillers, slow cookers and vacuum sealers, Irinox is the world-leader,” says Russ Diamond, president of Snyder Diamond. “We are excited that they have perfected their forward-thinking technology for North American residences, and that we are now offering it here at Snyder Diamond.”

  • Food that has been shock frozen re-emerges as fresh and tender as if just out of the oven for the first time
  • Home entertainers present quality meals prepared in minutes
  • Busy parents save time, precisely manage meal plans, avoid waste, and serve nutritionally dense food
  • Singles have a variety of meals on hand, since food shelf life is tripled
  • Freddy is designed to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of food, both raw and cooked, for 6 to 12 months
  • Shock freezing preserves vitamins and nutrients, prevents bacteria, and retains food quality and aroma that regular freezing cannot

Design Features of Freddy:

  • Beautiful, compact Italian design in a built-in unit
  • Allover stainless steel
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use soft touch control panel
  • Equipped with a probe that monitors food core temperature

Examples of What Freddy can do:

  • Serve sushi at the right temperature without damaging the fish
  • Rise bread, pizza, and brioches using steady leavening at a constant temperature
  • Slow cook meat at low temperature
  • Blast chill a bunch of organic basil from the Farmers Market so it lasts a week instead of just a couple days
  • Chill wine in minutes to the perfect temperature
  • Thaw cream-filled desserts evenly
  • Program a hot meal to be ready at the end of the day; Freddy will store a frozen meal throughout the day, then defrost and cook just before you get home from work


Snyder Diamond is dedicated to providing the most knowledgeable, dependable and personalized service in the luxury appliance, decorative plumbing and hardware industry. Snyder Diamond’s creative showrooms feature the latest styles, from traditional to contemporary to cutting-edge and display a diverse selection of operating fixtures and appliances. Celebrating 65 years in the industry, Snyder Diamond remains family-owned and operated, led by president Russ Diamond, with showrooms in Santa Monica, North Hollywood and Pasadena. SnyderDiamond.com.


IRINOX is known worldwide as the blast chilling and shock freezing experts. Since 1989, Irinox has been manufacturing innovative blast chillers and shock freezers that preserve food products’ organic qualities, freshness and nutritional values. Irinoxhome.com.


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