Sonus Faber Introduces Its New Series of Olympica Speakers

Sonus Faber, Italy’s prominent loudspeaker manufacturer, began delivering its new Olympica line of speakers this month. The line comprises two floor-standing models and a smaller, stand-mounted/bookshelf form, all of which borrow the design approach of the company’s top-of-the-line models while paying aesthetic homage to the famed Italian architect Andrea Palladio and his Teatro Olimpica in Venice.

Like Sonus Faber’s flagship $120,000-per-pair Aida speakers, the models in the Olympica line feature a lyre-shaped cabinet that eliminates parallel surfaces to minimize resonance and encourages airflow to optimize the speakers’ acoustic response in a variety of listening environments. The cabinets of the Olympica speakers are made from walnut and are available with either a natural-wood or a graphite-black finish. All three speakers have a 4-ohm nominal impedance, with a sensitivity rating of 90 dB or less. The Olympica III, the largest of the three Olympica models released to date, stands just over 3.5 feet tall and features dual 7-inch woofers plus a 5.9-inch midrange driver and 1.1-inch dome tweeter decoupled from the cabinet, all in a linear array.

The Olympica III is $13,500 per pair; the smaller floor-standing Olympica II is $10,000 per pair; and the bookshelf Olympica I is $6,500 per pair, plus $1,200 for the optional stands. By the end of the year, Sonus Faber plans to start shipping a center-channel Olympica model and the line’s flagship Olympica IV. (www.sonusfaber.com; available in the United States through Sumiko Audio, www.sumikoaudio.net)

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