Sonus Faber’s Flagship Follow-Up

Many audiophiles felt they missed the bus when Italian speaker maker Sonus faber sold out of all 30 pairs of its $200,000 statement speaker (simply called the Sonus faber”) within a few short months of the speaker’s unveiling in 2010. The company has unveiled the first follow-up to that already-legendary speaker, the Sonus faber Aida (pronounced ai-ee-dah). Like the company’s sold-out flagship, the Aida features a resonance-reducing lyre-shaped cabinet and massive avoirdupois—each Aida unit tips the scales at just over 350 pounds. Sonus faber built all of the Aida’s drivers specifically for this speaker, and beneath the sumptuous cabinet design is a series of technological innovations assuring the ultimate in musical reproduction. At $120,000 per pair, the Aida is still an exclusive purchase, but when matched with components of equal performance itwill provide a rich musical experience that will not soon run out—the Aida’s production is not limited. Interested U.S. buyers should contact Sonus faber’s U.S. dealer, Sumiko Audio of Berkeley, Calif. (www.sumikoaudio.net; www.sonusfaber.com)

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