Sound from the Sun

The Regen ReVerb may be the only iPod speaker system that can play at party levels without consuming a penny’s worth of electricity. A photovoltaic panel on the back of the $2,299 ReVerb charges the internal lithium-ion battery, which according to Regen can power the ReVerb for as long as 12 hours. An integral dock on the top accepts an iPod or iPhone, and other audio sources can be connected through the ReVerb’s 3.5mm input jack. Two 25-watt digital amplifiers power the unit’s dual two-inch mid-range/treble drivers, while a 50-watt digital amp drives the single six-inch woofer. Our brief audition of the ReVerb at a recent trade show suggests the 34.5-inch-high unit delivers satisfying sound levels even in a large room. A display on the front panel shows how much charge remains. Those who live in less-temperate zones need not worry that the ReVerb will fall silent during sunless stretches: It can also connect to an AC outlet. (415.951.1978, www.regenliving.com)

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