Steinway Lyngdorf Announces P200 Surround-Sound Processor

The new home-theater component works with multiple speaker sets and 4K video signals…

The new Steinway Lyngdorf P200 surround-sound processor serves a very specific and important role in a home theater. It receives the audio signal from the source and distributes it to the amplifiers driving the speakers. For those who prefer to use their sound system for a variety of functions, the P200 possesses a unique feature that allows it to serve multiple speaker sets—each configured for different listening applications. For instance, a user employing the P200 could set up a system with separate speaker sets that complement the unique properties of Dolby’s Atmos technology and Auro’s AURO-3D standard; or they could simply use it to swap between stereo and surround-sound modes.

The system also includes the Danish company’s proprietary RoomPerfect technology, which automatically adjusts individual speaker volume and equalization during setup to achieve optimum sound for any room configuration. For home theaters equipped with 4K TVs, the P200 is able to route the superhigh-definition signal through its many HDMI inputs and outputs. It is also optimized for other popular formats and features, including 3-D and HDCP 2.2. Built with energy efficiency in mind, the P200 turns off unused amplifiers when it switches between different speaker setups. With its understated glass-and-matte-black exterior, the unit will make a sharp addition to any design-oriented home theater. The P200 is set for release in early 2015, at an introductory price of $18,000. (steinwaylyngdorf.com)

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