Stella Utopia EM

Stella Utopia EM ($90,000 per pair)

If the celebrated Focal brand name etched into the façade of this amazing floor-standing speaker does not entirely speak for its level of quality, its 2010 Best of the Best designation certainly will. The French manufacturer placed two powerful mid-range drivers above and below a pure-beryllium inverted dome tweeter, all of which are located above a 13-inch purpose-built woofer in a linear array. These drivers provide an impressive frequency response from 22 Hz to 40 kHz, while the speakers derive power from an electromagnet that is fueled by the wall current, a system that allows for the bass response to be fine-tuned. Users can also adjust the mid and high frequencies in 243 combinations. The Stella Utopia EM loudspeakers will go beyond the expectations of even the most ardent audiophile. (+33.477.43.57.00, www.focal-fr.com)

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