Sub Equalizer Gives New Sound to Bass

When properly installed and adjusted, subwoofers—speakers designed solely for the reproduction of bass—make home theater dramatically more exciting. Unfortunately, getting the best sound from a subwoofer is a task at which even experts often fail, because the acoustics of a room have a much greater effect on bass than they do on mid-range and treble. Audyssey Labs’ new Sub Equalizer promises to simplify the process and assure consistent results. The $799 Sub Equalizer connects between a surround-sound processor and one or two subwoofers. Using a special microphone kit and a computer running Audyssey’s proprietary software, a professional installer can automatically adjust the Sub Equalizer to get the best possible subwoofer sound. Audyssey says its process employs more correction points than other subwoofer optimization systems, and thus delivers a more precise and satisfying result. At just 1.75 inches high, the Sub Equalizer should fit easily into most equipment racks. (213.625.4300, www.audyssey.com)

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