SurrealSpeakers’ Fifth Row Speaker Offers New Levels of Listening-Room Luxury

With the introduction of the Fifth Row speaker, SurrealSpeakers is set to change minds about home audio. The Fifth Row speaker offers those who want only the best a sleek, elegant design that integrates into a luxury home.

SurrealSpeakers may be customized with color or stain. If you want to go for an even more elegant look, the company offers veneer finishes or hand-painted art work, unique to you and your home, on its speakers.

For the ultimate in sound quality SurrealSpeakers insists on a home installation. If you feel your install is particularly unique, a site visit may be required before construction. SurrealSpeakers builds only 50 pair each year. Prices start at $39,900.

For more information, visit SurrealSpeakers.com or contact Doug Small, Sales Director, at 804-436-3231

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