The Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System Just Got Better

The latest addition to Meridian’s Sooloos Digital Media System—which Robb Report included in its 2011 Best of the Best selections (www.robbreport.com/Best-of-the-Best-2011-Audio-Meridian-Sooloos-Digital-Media-System)—provides the system with a mass-storage, multi-zone solution.

The new Media Core 600 combines 4 terabytes of storage with a high-quality digital-to-analog processor and the ability to output to six distinct zones via analog, digital S/PDIF, or Meridian’s proprietary SpeakerLink ports. Users can control any or all of these zones with Meridian’s Control 15 touchscreen controller, but where adding a Control 15 is not convenient, users have the option to control music on any zone via a computer, tablet, or smartphone by simply syncing the device with their home network.

In addition to housing a sizable music library, the Media Core 600 features seamless integration with Rhapsody’s cloud-based digital music service (where available). The $12,000 Media Core 600 also supports all popular digital music file formats, as well as high-resolution music files, making it virtually obsolescence-proof. (646.666.0140, www.meridian-audio.com)

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