These Limited-Edition Earphones Endorsed by George Martin Are Custom-Molded Speakers for Your Ears

The Beatles’ legendary producer has put his stamp of approval on the nearly $3,500 custom in-ear monitors…

For many high-end audio enthusiasts, the ultimate goal is to experience music in the way that the artists and the producers intended. With this in mind, it is all the more appealing when a music-industry legend chooses to place his stamp of approval on an audiophile component. The Sir George Martin Signature Series earphones ($3,425) are a limited-edition, bespoke set of in-ear monitors (IEMs) endorsed by George Martin—often called the “fifth Beatle” for his role as the producer of many of the band’s most successful albums. The earphones are the result of a collaboration between Advanced Communication Solutions and Meridian Audio.

Production of the IEMs is limited to 1,000 units and they are custom molded to fit the purchaser’s ears for minimum sound leakage and maximum noise isolation. Sound quality is assured by top-of-the-line cabling and crossovers that lead to three separate miniature speakers—each one devoted to either high-, middle-, or low-range frequencies—in each earphone. The IEMs are packaged with several accessories, including a Meridian Explorer2 portable digital-to-analog converter, artwork signed by Martin, and a presentation case from Asprey that includes a fan system to eliminate moisture that could damage the IEMs. In keeping with Martin’s desire for more research on tinnitus and hearing loss, the IEMs incorporate technologies and volume controls that limit the possibility of hearing damage. Additionally, a generous portion of the purchase price is donated to research on hearing loss and ways to reduce its negative effects. The earphones can be reserved with a partial deposit and are only available for a limited time. (acssignatureseries.com)

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