Tiny Dancer

Even some of the world’s finest hotel suites offer nothing more for the music lover than a mere clock radio. The Soundmatters Foxl portable audio system ensures that you enjoy high-quality sound regardless of what your hotel chooses to furnish. Small enough to fit in most clutch purses, yet loud enough to fill the average hotel room with sound, the $199 Foxl incorporates a digital amplifier and high-quality speaker drivers with powerful neodymium magnets. A diminutive woofer panel on the back delivers amazingly potent bass for its size. The Foxl connects easily to any device with a standard mini headphone jack, such as an iPod, MP3 player, computers, and many cell phones. A $249 Bluetooth version is also available. An included AC adapter provides power and charges the unit’s internal battery. We have demonstrated the Foxl for perhaps 50 people; its sound quality always impresses and sometimes even astounds. (800.698.7662, www.soundmatters.com)

—Brent Butterworth

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