Trek Introduces Its Fastest, Longest-Range E-Bike Yet

Built for commuters, the Trek CrossRip+ has a 350-watt motor that helps propel it to up to 28 mph.

Trek CrossRip+ urban riding commute Photo: courtesy Trek

While many cyclists are hanging up their beach cruisers or mountain bikes in anticipation of the colder months, a growing number of two-wheel enthusiasts are using their bicycles to get around town all year long. Trek’s newest e-bike, the CrossRip+, is designed with these commuter cyclists in mind; not only is it the fastest pedal-assist bike the company has ever built, it also has the longest range.

The drop-handle e-bike (another first for Trek) is helped along by a Bosch Speed Performance power system, which generates 350 watts and 44.25 ft lbs of torque—translating into more speed with less effort. In fact, the electric assist motor is so powerful that it can help propel the bike up to 28 mph before it cuts out (ostensibly for safety reasons).

And to make sure this power remains at your fingertips the entire trip, the CrossRip+ is equipped with a long-range, 500 Wh battery. The company is hesitant to give an exact range because so many variables can affect efficiency, but under ideal conditions, it should be able to last for well beyond 100 miles.

Trek CrossRip+

Trek CrossRip+  Photo: courtesy Trek

But getting to your destination quickly is only half the battle; it’s also nice to be able to get there in one piece. To this end, Trek has equipped the new bike with hydraulic disc brakes that can bring the bike to a quick stop in both dry and wet conditions. It also features an integrated lighting system with a 700-lumen headlight that can be switched between three modes: high beam, low beam, and flash. And to warn motorist coming up fast behind you, it has a super bright taillight that is visible for more than 1,310 feet away.

The aluminum-framed Trek CrossRip+ currently comes in only one color: matte black. It is priced at $4,500 and is available only at U.S. Trek stores.

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