Vertu Teams Up with Ferrari

The newest phone from Vertu, the $12,000 Constellation Quest Ferrari, takes its design cues from the Italian carmaker’s 458 Italia supercar and offers a handful of new features geared toward the Ferrari enthusiast. The special-edition phone, the third model created in a collaboration between the two brands, provides access to a slew of exclusive Ferrari events, including VIP seating at Ferrari championship races and the chance to meet drivers; test-drives during the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia race through Tuscany; tickets to this year’s Geneva, Paris, and Shanghai motor shows; entrance to tours and events at the official Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy; and even access to the Formula One private club. A Ferrari logo touch key on the front of the handset leads users to a news feed of Ferrari-related articles and images, curated by Opus Media specifically for Vertu Ferrari phone users. The content includes everything from Ferrari’s activity worldwide to historical facts and information about the iconic carmaker.

The new Constellation Quest Ferrari phone is lined with calf leather—the same used in Ferrari interiors—and is equipped with a diamond-like carbon coating, which Ferrari uses to build some of the engine parts for its GT and Formula One cars. And, Vertu embedded a stainless steel Cavallino Rampante, or Prancing Horse, in the titanium battery cover on the back of the phone. (888.999.5303, www.vertu.com)

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