VTL’s New Amplification Reference

VTL (Vacuum Tube Logic), one of America’s most highly respected specialists in tube amplification, recently released its new flagship amplifier, the Siegfried Series II Reference monoblock. Outputting 750 watts of power into a 5-ohm load-in tetrode, and 375 watts in triode, each monoblock uses either 12 KT88 or 6550 power tubes—as chosen by the user at the time of purchase. A pair of these 2-foot-tall, 200-pound monoblocks is capable of driving even the most power-hungry loudspeakers while generating a beauty and clarity of sound that has few rivals. For the first time in VTL’s history, the Siegfried amp utilizes a completely redesigned audio circuit that is fully balanced and includes a variable damping factor feedback control to custom-tailor the amp’s response to radically different loudspeakers. The amp’s auto-biasing and fault-sensing circuits further guarantee easy operation and optimal performance. Re-voiced with premium Mundorf silver oil capacitors, the $65,000-per-pair VTL Siegfried Series II Reference Monoblocks are already receiving raves from audiophiles worldwide. (909.627.5944, www.vtl.com)

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