WideaLab’s Aurender S10 Music Server: Smooth and Easy

When it comes to easy operation, WideaLab’s handsome, one-piece Aurender S10 music storage and playback system is among the leaders in the field. This newcomer to the music server market supports playback of files in multiple formats, from low-quality MP3s up to high-resolution 24-bit/192 kHz files. The Aurender S10 cues tracks and assembles playlists via an attractive and easy-to-use iPad interface—and instead of a rudimentary, hard-to-navigate iTunes library, the S10’s file management system beautifully displays cover art on your iPad to allow easy organization and editing of playlists, and optional custom categorization of songs.

Equipped with a 2-terabyte internal hard drive, the S10 transfers music files to an internal 64-gigabyte solid-state-drive cache for better sound quality. It also boasts a customized Linux operating system, a highly accurate temperature-compensated crystal oscillator clock for extremely low-jitter playback, and proprietary audio frequency reclocking that further optimizes performance. The $6,990 unit, which runs silently, also has a large AMOLED display that, when switched on, can be read from across the room. (212.233.2898, www.aurender.com

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