Wilson Audio’s New Sabrina Speakers Are Small in Size but Big in Sound

The new speakers draw sonic inspiration from Wilson’s behemoth flagship Alexandria XLF loudspeakers…

The Wilson Audio Sabrina loudspeakers bear the signature styling and poise of their Provo, Utah, manufacturer, but in a compact size that is well suited for design- and space-conscious buyers. While the new speakers—priced at $15,900 per pair—may seem similar to the previous iterations of Wilson’s Watt/Puppy design, the company points out that, from a sonic perspective, they were inspired by the brand’s flagship Alexandria XLF loudspeakers and the years of research, materials development, and technological breakthroughs that went into them.

The Sabrina speakers feature time-coherent driver alignment, a key element that makes Wilson’s speakers so exceptional. This design ensures that the audio frequencies emitted from the individual drivers reach the listener’s ear precisely simultaneously for perfect sound clarity. Paired with Wilson’s proprietary construction materials, which minimize cabinet resonance, this driver arrangement creates a virtually flawless sonic image—all in a compact design. The Sabrina speakers, which began shipping earlier this year, are available from Wilson’s worldwide dealer network. (wilsonaudio.com)

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