The Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable Embodies the Beauty of Analog

The new turntable is a work of art, celebrating the British brand’s 25th anniversary…

The Wilson Benesch Circle 25 turntable, produced in honor of the British brand’s 25th anniversary, represents the evolutionary refinements that the company has introduced to its turntables over the years since its founding.

Based on the Wilson Benesch Full Circle turntable, the Circle 25 turntable uses a unique suspension design. “It features unidirectional, high-modulus, carbon-fiber rods,” says Craig Milnes, Wilson Benesch founder, owner, and director. “This elegant solution provides a cantilevered sprung-suspension system; but also, because of their intrinsic super-high stiffness, the rods cannot transfer the resonance that would impact on the crucially important sub-chassis, which holds both the bearing and the tonearm.”

Additionally, the turntable’s new Delrin composite plinth is considerably more rigid than its predecessor’s, which used medium-density fiberboard. Lifting the platter from the sub-chassis reveals its elegant machining and assembly. From the plinth and suspension design to the unique kinematic bearing used since 1989, the Circle 25 makes it extremely easy for the user to set up and begin listening.

An improved main bearing reduces platter vibration, while a Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 25 tonearm and matching Ply phono cartridge, which come preinstalled, eliminate the need for a complicated setup process. Wilson Benesch employs a unique method for laying the carbon fiber when producing the A.C.T. 25 tonearm (the same technique used to make the company’s loudspeakers and subwoofers), giving the tonearm superior rigidity and weight reduction compared to its predecessor.

The Wilson Benesch Circle 25 turntable is available with a black or white finish and is priced at $6,900. (wilson-benesch.com; available in the United States through the Sound Organization, soundorg.com)

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