Wisdom Audio’s Newest On-Wall Speakers

The erudite engineers of Carson City, Nev.-based Wisdom Audio have begun delivering the first on-wall speakers of its namesake Wisdom line: the LS4 and its slightly smaller sister, the LS3. In development for the last year and a half, the speakers incorporate four and three, respectively, planar magnetic transducers that utilize powerful rare-earth magnets to vibrate an extremely low-mass film, as opposed to a traditional cone driver, thereby generating sound unadulterated by the momentum that jeopardizes the fidelity of traditional audio systems. This planar magnetic technology has several other advantages over typical electromagnetic speakers, including ultra-high sensitivity and a wide dispersion area with a large listening “sweet spot” that makes the LS4 and LS3 ideal for home theaters or rooms with acoustically challenging architecture. Each speaker is available in 11 color combinations that include wood and metallic finishes. The 81-inch-tall LS4 is priced at $40,000, while the 61-inch LS3, which delivers an identical frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz, is priced at $30,000. (775.887.8850, www.wisdomaudio.com)

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