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5 Electric Skateboards That Are More Fun Than Your Half-Pipe

Earn serious street cred with one of these speedy boards.

Boosted Boards Stealth Courtesy of Boosted Boards

“Alternative mobility solutions”—aka electric motorcycles, cars and even e-scooters—are everywhere now. But one of the most versatile has been under our feet all along: skateboards. Upgraded with batteries and motors to make them zing, electric skateboards offer convenience, ease of ownership, range, speed and way more street cred than any goofy scooter ever could. Whether they’re for your kids or the kid in you, here are five of our favorite options.

Onewheel+ XR

The Onewheel+ XR.

The Onewheel+ XR.  Courtesy of Onewheel.

Buy Now: $1,799

Who said a skateboard has to have four wheels? The aptly named Onewheel+ XR has the best design, in our opinion, as its single-wheel geometry allows the board to easily roll over almost any terrain, and its stance offers a unique riding style that might appeal even more to snowboarders. Plus, the XR still delivers a 19 mph top speed and up to 18 miles of range.


ZBoard 2 Pearl

ZBoard 2 Pearl

Courtesy of ZBoard

Buy Now: $1,499

One of the more uniquely engineered skateboards on the market, the ZBoard 2 Pearl offers appealing oddities such as dual handles for easy carrying (it weighs only 19 pounds), headlights and taillights for night riding, and a brushless motor that lets you kick-push the ZBoard should you ever run out of juice (although that would be your fault, as the Pearl features LED lights to clearly indicate battery life). Its most innovative aspect, Pearl’s twin pressure pads allow you to control speed and braking in place of the more standard handheld remotes: Press on the front pad for more speed and rear pad for brakes (and reverse). Plus, the gorgeous, stained rosewood deck might be the most attractive among its competitors.


Evolve Bamboo GTX Series 2-in-1

Evolve Bamboo GTX Series 2-in-1

Courtesy of Evolve Skateboards

Buy Now: $1,629.99

Evolve’s Bamboo GTX Series 2-in-1 combines a powerful3,000-watt electric motor with a flexible, lightweight deck and LCD Bluetooth remote control. Meaning, this board is good for a whopping 31 miles of range (double that of most boards), a 26 mph top speed and a 25 percent hill-grade capacity, all while weighing only around 20 pounds. But the GTX 2-in-1’s best feature is that you can swap its 83 mm street wheels for tough all-terrain options, allowing Evolve to check all the boxes.


Boosted Stealth

Boosted Boards Stealth

Courtesy of Boosted Boards

Buy Now: $1,599

Boosted’s Stealth just might be the Goldilocks solution. It doesn’t top any metric, but its combination of top-shelf components (CNC-machined trucks, custom 85 mm Stratus wheels and Super Flex composite deck), five ride modes and superb engineering provides a superior overall riding experience—it’s the best canyon carver of the bunch. The Stealth’s 2,100-watt motor boasts a 14-mile range, 24 mph top speed and the ability to tackle 25 percent hill inclines. It can also fully recharge in less than two hours.


Acton Blink Qu4tro

Acton Blink Qu4tro

Courtesy of Acton Global

Buy Now: $1,499

If power is the ultimate indulgence, then the Acton Blink Qu4tro is the most luxurious board on the market. It’s the first and only skateboard in the world with hub motors in each wheel, which gives the model enough torque to summit 30 percent inclines. There’s also 22 miles of range, a 23 mph top speed and a new Tension Suspension that reduces vibrations and dangerous wobbles at high speeds. But all that power costs weight, making Acton’s top-of-the-line board tip the scales at more than 25 pounds. Still, it’s the best option if you live in a hilly city like San Francisco or Seattle.

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