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Antoni Gaudí Becomes Visconti’s Muse for the Casa Batlló Pen

Antoni Gaudí’s famed Casa Batlló in Barcelona brings a wildly whimsical design to one of Visconti’s newest writing instruments.

Visconti Casa Batlló Pen Photo: Courtesy Visconti

Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) was a master of his craft. The Catalan architect, best known for his modernism, produced seven of the most spectacular and wildly fantastical buildings in the world, including Park Güell, Casa Milà, Sagrada Familia, and Casa Batlló. The whimsical architecture added spunk and a dash of magic to the stunning city of Barcelona and would establish Gaudí as one of the most influential architects of his time.

In honor of Gaudí’s design achievements, Italian pen maker Visconti has debuted the Casa Batlló fountain and rollerball pen. Bright, bold colors meet a blend of wavy lines and scales on the cap and barrel, reminiscent of the building’s external walls that were plastered with lime mortar and draped in a mosaic of ceramic discs and colored glass. Silver, acrylic, and enamel on the cap and barrel are molded and curved in three layers, giving the Casa Batlló writing instrument a level of dimension rarely seen on a pen.

Visconti Casa Batlló Pen

Visconti’s Casa Batlló pen.  Photo: Courtesy Visconti

Other notable techniques used by Visconti include an iridescent coating and glossy enameling to replicate the rooftop’s dragon-scale tiling as well as micro-fused pieces that were modified by hand. Intricate details abound on the ornamental design, which features the lance of Saint George plunging into the mighty dragon’s back on the pen’s silver clip. Visconti’s patented double reservoir power filler ensures a steady stream of ink, while the 23-carat palladium nib gives unparalleled accuracy to the writer.

Gaudí’s impeccable craftsmanship of Casa Batlló tells a story of heroism and enchantment. It is an architectural phenomenon that gifts all who walk through its doors with a sense of wonder and excitement, as though you’ve entered a universe where myths and legends live. And like so many before it, Visconti was drawn to the building as a source of inspiration. The Casa Batlló pen is available in gold or silver and priced at $5,750.

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