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This New Golf Monitor Uses Advanced Analytics to Improve Your Swing

Bushnell's new Golf Pro can also be used as a simulator when attached to a gaming computer.

Bushnell Golf Launch Pro monitor can also be used as a full-fledged golf simulator Bushnell Golf

Here’s one way to improve your golf game without paying anyone an hourly rate.

Bushnell Golf has just released its latest swing monitor, the Launch Pro. The new device will help golfers correct their swing and maximize their spin rate whether they’re practicing before their tee time at the country club, hitting balls at the driving range or just trying to unwind at home.

Developed in collaboration with Foresight Sports, the Launch Pro will help you deconstruct your swing and build a new one that’s more accurate and efficient. The device utilizes an auto-calibrating, high-speed and high-resolution tri-camera set up to measure carry distance, ball speed, total spin, vertical and horizontal launch angle, club head speed and attack angle. It then displays all of this data on its built-in screen or through its connected iOS app. With it, you’ll be privy to all the analytics that the pros pore over while trying to improve their game.

You can also use it to fine-tune your swing wherever you are. The device’s five-pound weight means it’s remarkably easy to lug around with your clubs. Of course, the improvement in your game from using the device probably won’t be enough to earn you a spot on the PGA tour, but it will help ensure you don’t embarrass yourself next time you attend a business meeting on the course.

Bushnell Golf Launch Pro monitor

Bushnell Golf Launch Pro monitor can be combined with other hardware to form a full-fledged simulator.  Bushnell Golf

But the Launch Pro can be used for more than just correcting your swing. When paired with a dedicated gaming computer—as well as a projector, hitting mat and artificial turf strip—you can turn the device into a full-fledged golf simulator. Thanks to Foesight’s FSX 2020 Gold software (which requires a $799 per year subscription, though a free month is included) you can virtually hit the links at courses around the world. You can even link up with another friend who has the same setup, as the software allows up to eight players at a time

The Launch Pro is available now for $3,000 through the Bushnell Golf website. That may sound steep, but it’s actually the brand’s entry-level launch monitor. It’s probably also less expensive and more convenient than hiring a coach to help you iron out the hitch in your backswing.

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