These Binoculars Are How Leica Keeps Busy When Not Making Cameras

Leica’s Trinovid binoculars are the latest in a long line of sports optics products from the esteemed camera maker.

Leica Trinovid 7x35 with leather and silver Photo: courtesy Leica

Leica may be most famous for producing cameras, but the German brand also has an extensive history producing other optical devices—including binoculars. In fact, the company (then known as Ernest Leitz) produced its first pair of binoculars over a century ago in 1907, and its successful Trinovid line—praised at the time for its compact size and superior performance—dates back to 1958.

Nearly 60 years later, Leica continues this legacy with the introduction of the latest incarnation of its Trinovid binoculars. The new editions are available with either a leather or rubber armor exterior and a choice of three magnification levels: 7x, 8x, and 10x. The binoculars also offer an exceptionally wide field of view that ranges from 360 feet to 492 feet (depending on magnification level) at a distance of 3,280 feet (1,000 meters).

Leica Trinovid group shot

Leica’s Trinovid line of binoculars  Photo: courtesy Leica

Like their predecessors, the binoculars are wonderfully compact, with the largest measuring 4.4 inches wide and 5.7 inches in length. This is thanks in part to the slim form factor of the Uppendahl prism at the heart of its optics—the same prism used in the original 1958 version. They also weigh less than 22 ounces, making them the lightest pair of binoculars in their class. Taken together, these features give the Trinovids a great convenience factor; they can be easily slipped into a backpack and taken along on any adventure.

The new Leica Trinovid binoculars are priced from $1,495 to $1,915, depending on their magnification level and materials. The leather version is available in either a black or silver color scheme, while the rubber-armored version is only available in black. The new binoculars were made available for purchase earlier this month through Leica stores and authorized dealers.

Leica Trinovid 8x40 black rubber case

Leica Trinovid 8×40 with rubber case  Photo: courtesy Leica

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