These Floating Cabinets Could Be the Answer to Your Cluttered Garage

Levrack's unique system makes quick work of organizing tools and supplies.

Levrack floating cabinet Courtesy of Levrack

It’s difficult to imagine any domestic environment that couldn’t benefit from more storage space. Especially garages that are “home” to beautiful vehicles, where visual aesthetics can easily fly out the roll-up door the minute other stuff starts to accumulate. Showcasing a fire-engine-red tool cart the size of a double-wide Sub Zero is one thing, but cases of motor oil, myriad detailing supplies, vacuum apparatus and all the sundry odds-and-ends that keep a garage mahal running are best kept out of sight.

Bringing storage solutions developed for their industrial clients to the luxury garage, Levrack Floating Cabinets offer an ideal solution that combines clean architectural design and impressive storage capacity. They have an amazing levitating trick built in, one that allows users to move thousands of pounds of stocked shelves with the flick of a single finger.

Ideal where square footage for storage is at a premium, the Levrack 873 cabinets can store more than 3,200 lbs of items—think of a case of favorite Bordeaux and a disassembled Porsche GT3, if only all the parts would fit. The concept is brilliant: riding on rollers in an overhead rail, shelving modules fit together when not accessed, eliminating wasted space between units, but can be shuffled to allow access to necessary items. Think of a giant bookshelf, with room at the end.

The Levrack 873 is designed to be installed as a stand-alone system, which will appeal to those without the need to store huge quantities of parts and supplies. But it can also be integrated with standard pallet rack systems in garages where tires, wheels and larger take-off parts like convertible tops and equipment racks all need to find a place to call home.

Each cabinet is 8.5 x 7 x 3 ft (L x H x W). An LED lighting system makes it easy to see store items. From $3,000.

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