Sculpt Your Words with the Montegrappa Antonio Canova Pen

Montegrappa pays homage to one of history’s greatest Italian sculptors.

Montegrappa Antonio Canova Pen Photo: Courtesy Montegrappa

Italian pen maker Montegrappa created the Genio Creativo limited-edition collection to honor some of the greatest artists and philosophers of all time. Having already paid tribute to the likes of artist Salvador Dalí, author Kahlil Gibran, and painter Titian (Tiziano Vecelli), Montegrappa welcomes the newest member to its collection—Venetian artist Antonio Canova.

Widely considered one of the greatest sculptors and neoclassical artists of his time, Canova (1757–1822) crafted such notable pieces as Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, Theseus and the Minotaur, Venus Victrix, and, of course, The Three Graces. Inspired by the latter work, Montegrappa cleverly wrapped a replica of the famous sculpture around the barrel of a pen. Black resin sections serve as an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the synthetic white marble, while touches of 18-karat gold or bronze on the pleated drape clip, nib, cap, and barrel give the writing instrument a glamourous edge. Other noteworthy details include the cap’s top, which is adorned with the Canova family’s heraldic coat of arms.

Though perhaps not suitable for daily use, the writing instrument is truly a spectacular piece that will add an artistic touch to your desk area. The Genio Creativo Antonio Canova pen is available as both a fountain pen and rollerball, each limited to 260 pieces. Pricing for the fountain pen begins at roughly $2,500 for the bronze variation and $18,900 for the 18-karat gold, while the rollerball starts at $2,000 for the bronze and around $23,600 for the gold.

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