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This New Smart Bicycle Helmet Actually Warns You When Vehicles Are Approaching

It can also charge itself and indicate on command.

Welcome to cycling in the 21st century when even your helmet has your back.

German design firm Werteloberfell is developing the ESUB Tracks Helmet, a new head protection device that uses cutting-edge technology to let you know when a car is approaching from behind.

The Munich and Berlin-based outfit collaborated with designers and scientists across Europe to create the next-gen helmet. The self-sufficient device is itself is covered with a set of flat printed organic photovoltaics. This surface soaks up the sun while you’re riding and recharges the batteries on the go. That means you’ll seldom run out of juice. It also powers all electronic components, including proximity sensors that monitor the area behind the rider.

If a fast vehicle is approaching from the rear, the helmet’s haptic patches will start vibrating to warn the cyclist. It also features a built-in microphone that can understand simple voice commands. If you plan to turn right, let the helmet know, and it will automatically illuminate the appropriate indicator light to signal cars and cyclists behind you. So, basically, it’s also a wearable taillight for your head.


ESUB Tracks Smart Helmet


When it comes time to stop talking and listen, the helmet emits sound through a set of bone conduction speakers. As their moniker implies, these speakers, which are heat pressed onto the helmet’s leather straps, conduct sound to the inner ear primarily through the bones of the skull. This allows the rider to hear audio content without blocking the ear canal. That allows you to listen to tunes and still be aware of your surroundings. The smart helmet connects to smartphones via Bluetooth.

You needn’t worry about it falling off, either. Once the chin buckle is closed, an electric drive fastens the straps until the helmet sits sturdy and safe.

Werteloberfell has not disclosed when we may see the smart helmet in the streets, but fingers crossed it makes it Stateside soon.

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