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Someone Is Actually Offering a Solid Gold Fidget Spinner

We suppose it was only a matter of time; a Russian brand is making the popular toy from 18-karat gold.

Caviar 18-karat solid gold fidget spinner engraved with logo Photo: Caviar

Here at Robb Report, we generally do not pass judgement on how people spend their money—and consumption for the sake of showing off is certainly nothing new for a particular segment of high earners. But sometimes, there is a luxury product so patently absurd that we can’t help asking ourselves, “Why?”

Recently, Russian luxury goods brand Caviar introduced a collection of fidget spinners made from precious materials falls firmly into that category. Fidget spinners, for those who have dodged this particular blight on society, are small toys that consist of three weighted lobes that spin around a central pad supported by bearings. They were originally intended to help people with concentration issues by giving them something to occupy their hands, but they quickly became the bane of teachers and parents when their popularity among young people skyrocketed earlier this year.

The Caviar fidget spinner collection comprises four models that range in price from about $250 to $16,855. One of the two base models is gold plated, and its spokes feature enamel insets in red, white, and blue. (it’s patriotic, but not in the way you might think—those are also the colors of the Russian flag.) The other base model is black, has a skull engraved on its center pad, and has carbon insets on its spokes. There is also a $1,670 gold-plated version with diamonds on its center pad and spokes. However, the top of the heap is the 18-karat solid gold spinner, which contains a full 3.52 ounces of gold and is hand engraved with Caviar’s logo.

Caviar gold-plated fidget spinner with diamonds

Photo: Caviar

It’s hard to take a company that offers a Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin cellphone seriously, but it seems that these fidget spinners are no joke; the company plans to start shipping the vainglorious toys next month and is currently taking pre-orders. I suppose there really is no accounting for taste…


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