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This Underwater Scooter Lets You Glide Beneath the Waves Like a Manta Ray

The H2 AquaJet Dive is equipped with wings that give the scooter greater balance and maneuverability.

Although underwater scooters were first developed during WWII as torpedo-like transports for military personnel, by the late 1960s, they had crossed over into recreational use. Today, it’s not uncommon to find multiple Sea Doo or SeaBob scooters stored in the tender garages of yachts like Amels’ Here Comes the Sun or Princess Yachts’ Anka—standing at the ready to ferry its clinging passengers through the ocean depths.

One of the newest entries in the segment is the H2 Aquajet Dive from Hoverstar—a scooter that takes a decidedly different design approach from most models on the market, which seem not to have moved much beyond their torpedo ancestors. Shaped like a manta ray gliding through the water, the H2 has wings that help increase stability, maneuverability, and balance.

To operate the vehicle, you slip your wrists into straps on top of the wings and then grip the leading edges: The left edge has a trigger that turns on the vehicle, while the right edge is used to select from three speeds (though its highest level tops out at just 5.6 mph). You move through the water by simply moving your arms and body the way you want to go.

Beyond just skimming along the surface and making quick dips underwater, scuba divers in full gear can use the scooter to get around their dive sites more quickly. There is even a spot to mount a waterproof camera on the front of the vehicle to capture your adventures undersea. For thrill seekers, the H2 can be used catch waves and surf them onto shore.

An 800-watt battery powers the vehicle and can last for anywhere from 50 to 100 minutes on a full charge. When not in use, the wings can be removed for easier storage. The H2 Aquajet is available in three colors—black, blue, and white—and is priced at $900.

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