Zegna Branches Out With Games, Audio Gear, and Other Accessories

The Toyz collection brings the Italian fashion house’s stylish touch to a wide range of new products.

Over its more than 100-year history, Ermengildo Zegna has dedicated itself to the pursuit of sartorial excellence, producing some of the world’s finest fabrics, suits, shirts, and jackets. But now, the Italian fashion house is departing its comfort zone with the introduction of a new line of audio gear, games, and other accessories.

The Zegna Toyz collection is the brainchild of famed fashion designer Alessandro Sartori, who became the brand’s new artistic director last year, and marks the first time the company has produced a significant collection of this sort. The fun-focused product line includes tic-tac-toe, checkers, and domino sets; iPhone covers; watch cases; and even a shoe horn, among other assorted items. However, the highlight of the collection is a trio of hi-fi products—headphones, a speaker, and a turntable—developed in partnership with New York manufacturer Master & Dynamic.

And though the products encompassed by the collection are diverse, they are all unified in their use of Zegna’s proprietary pelle tessuta material. Created by weaving together extremely thin strips of nappa leather on a special loom, pelle tessuta has an appealing, almost wicker-like appearance, but is exceptionally soft and lightweight. And while the company has used the material on traditional fashion items like shoes and bags, Zegna has deployed it in clever new ways for the Toyz collection, such as wrapping the chassis of the turntable or headband of the headphones with it.

Zegna Toyz is priced from $176 for the shoehorn all the way up to $2,705 for the turntable and the speaker. The collection will be available for purchase through the company’s website and at select Zegna stores on October 30.

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