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Someone Just Spent $67,000 on These Gold-Covered AirPod Pros

We didn't know Apple's latest earbuds could look this lavish—or cost this much.

Caviar's $67,000 AirPod Pros Caviar

Complete loyalty to Apple is sometimes a point of contention. Some customers prefer to stock up on cases and chargers from other companies, while an equally dedicated group remains loyal to the tech giant’s official branded supplies. But a one-off creation from Caviar makes even the most costly of those seem like a pittance in comparison. Designed as a one-off, the brand has released a pair of AirPod Pros encased in genuine 18K yellow gold, offered at a wallet-blistering $67,280, a price that would make even the wealthiest among us think twice.

Based in Russia, the luxury tech company was founded in 2011 and swiftly built a reputation for modifying iPhones and other devices with precious metals and baroque motifs. The over-the-top pair of AirPod Pros in question certainly reflects the firm’s ostentatious style. And despite its hefty price tag, the gleaming pair has already been sold. But if you were hoping to elevate your own plastic AirPods case, there’s still hope.

Caviar may have sold that prized item, but it still offers a selection of opulent leather cases cut from the traditional bovine variety all the way up to premium alligator and python. Those prices start at a mere $1,000 and climb upward from there. If that wasn’t luxurious enough, Caviar also offers a service called Caviar Atelier, which will work with clients to create custom designs or even emblazon devices with their own emblems and logos.

At a time when our personal devices look more and more homogenous, Caviar presents a tangible way to make your personal gear look distinct. It takes products that are inherently mass and infuses them with something individual. And the customization process isn’t without its practical advantages. You’ll never have trouble telling if a phone (or set of AirPods) belongs to you or someone else. But it’ll cost you.

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