Romain Jerome Launches a Spaceship for the Wrist

Known for its eclectic themes and technically creative designs—which have included moon dust and metal from the wreck of the TitanicRomain Jerome is looking to the future for its next timepiece. The new Spacecraft model, released in just 99 editions at $24,900 apiece, looks vaguely like a cross between a vintage Pontiac and a spaceship from Star Trek. It is the result of a three-year collaboration between Manuel Emch, the company’s CEO; the watch designer Eric Giroud; and the heralded watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, who owns the Geneva manufacturing facility Agenhor. Wiederrecht built the piece’s self-winding mechanical movement to fit the watch’s faceted, spaceship design: A spring-driven carriage drives the red hour indicator across a sapphire-crystal screen located on the side of the case, and a rotating disc at the top of the case displays the minutes. The case is crafted from titanium with some PVD-coated elements and fitted with a black mesh strap. (+41.22.319.2939, www.romainjerome.ch)