Best of the Best 2011: Personal Technology: Vertu Constellation Quest

While the many smartphones on the market all make an effort to combine form with function, none achieves the level of sophistication of the Vertu Constellation Quest (www.vertu.com). The first smartphone from Vertu, a UK-based manufacturer of high-end mobile phones and accessories, the Constellation Quest made its debut globally in October. The phone, which features a user-friendly qwerty keyboard, is available in horological-grade materials such as sapphire, yellow gold, and brushed or polished stainless steel. Service options include Vertu.Me, which provides a dedicated Vertu e-mail account that can be backed up, along with your contacts and calendar, on Vertu’s secure servers located in an underground former military bunker. The Constellation Quest also comes with Vertu’s 24-?hour worldwide concierge service, City Brief destination guides, and Remote Assist, which, with a user’s permission, allows the company’s customer-service agents to access a phone remotely to resolve technical issues. The phone is available with GSM, 3G, or HSPA coverage. Prices for the handsets range from $7,900 to $23,900.

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