KryptAll Stealth Collection Enables Secure Calling

K iPhone Stealth Series 6

Beverly Hills, California

KryptAll™ releases its Stealth Collection. Housed in a stylish black case with gold buttons, this K iPhone ensures your privacy. Using a patent pending solution that provides encryption from the user’s KryptAll™ K iPhone, calls can be made to regular phones throughout the world or other KryptAll™ phones with end to end encryption. The KryptAll™ method was designed for the business traveler to eliminate the need for both parties of the conversation to have encryption devices when the KryptAll™ user is the target of interception. Employing open source 256-bit AES encryption methods, KryptAll™ guarantees the telephone call cannot be monitored when the user is the target of interception.

KryptAll™ starts with a hardened iPhone with encryption modifications that operates over the WiFi or cellular GSM data network throughout the world wherever broadband service is available. The call is encrypted and your privacy is further enhanced without a record of the call. No longer can your conversation be monitored or contacts disclosed from your calling records.

Keep your privacy with the KryptAll™ secure communication solution.

For more information contact a KryptAll™ Confidential Concierge at 877.291.1900 or visit www.KryptAll.com.

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