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The C-Seed HLR 201 Is an Improved Version of the World’s Largest Outdoor TV

The 201-inch microLED screen can fully unfold in just 45 seconds.

The C Seed 201 folding MicroLED TV near a pool C Seed

The world’s largest outdoor television set just got better.

The German brand has just unveiled the new HLR 201, which features a microLED screen that measures a staggering 201 inches when fully unfolded and is made from durable, high-quality materials that will help it withstand the elements. What better way for you and your friends to watch the next big game?

Like last year’s M1 model, C Seed’s latest stows away in the ground horizontally until you turn it on (this also makes it much easier to install than its predecessor, the 201). Once you’re ready to watch something, the set rises from its resting spot and unfolds its giant, nearly 17-foot MicroLED screen in just 45 seconds. That’s so quick that won’t have to worry about missing too much action, even if you’re tuning in right after kick-off.

The TV’s display isn’t just big. The unfolded screen has over 8 million pixels, each of which emits its own light, allowing for perfect blacks. Thanks to this, the TV can display an ultra-high-resolution image that you’ll be able to see on even the sunniest of days because of the screen’s 4,000 nits of brightness and glare-free finish.

Even though it submerges into the ground when it’s not in use, the set is made from high-grade materials that make it much more hearty than its indoor counterpart. Sure, you won’t to watch your favorite team take on its hated rivals in a thunderstorm, but no one wants to be outside in that kind of weather anyway. A high-performance integrated soundbar is also present so you and the rest of your viewing party can hear what the announcers are saying, too.

The C Seed 201 folding MicroLED TV from the front
C Seed HLR 201 folding MicroLED TV C Seed

In the market for a humungous outdoor TV? C-Seed is taking orders now for the set and its smaller (but remarkably similar) 144-inch sibling.  The HLR 201 is available for $592,900 before installation, while the HLR 144 goes for $298,000.

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