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The 6 Best 4K TVs to Bring Ultra-High Definition to Your Binge-Watching

These ultra-high-definition displays from LG, Samsung, Sony and TCL present a clear case for not feeding into the 8K frenzy just yet.

The Terrace 75-inch 4K QLED TV from Samsung. Photo: Courtesy of Samsung.

While flashier, Godzilla-sized 8K TVs with gaudier specs pop up on your newsfeeds, there’s currently very little rational argument to stretch for anything beyond 4K Ultra HD. Unless you’re planning on purchasing a display larger than 90 inches, which is the alleged minimum screen size for the human eye to discern the next-level detail offered by 8K, a 4K display’s 8.3 million pixels is plenty. Add the fact that no one is even remotely close to broadcasting in 8K resolution, nor will be anytime soon, and 4K is the logical choice.

These six 4K Ultra HD options are currently the best on the market, and all come packaged with the latest tech, including High Dynamic Range (HDR), Hands-free Voice Control, Alexa, Apple Airplay2, Dolby Vision and advanced processors that upscale lower 1080p content into optics that resemble 4K resolution, or as close as technically possible, at least. And, at this time in particular, they all offer a brighter perspective when it comes to staying home.

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