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LG’s New 325-Inch 8K TV Takes Up the Whole Wall and Costs $1.7 Million

The brand's new DVLED TVs feature anywhere from 2 million to 33 million LED diodes each.

LG's 325-inch 8K DVLED TV LG

Why have a wall TV unless it takes up the entire wall? That seems to be the question LG is presenting with its newest LED TVs.

The electronics behemoth has just unveiled its new lineup of Direct View LED (DVLED) Extreme Home Cinema sets, the largest of which measures a mind-blowing 325 inches diagonally. Previously only available to commercial clients, the gagantuan TV is now available to the rest of us—even if you’ll have to part with a small fortune to get your hands on it.

Of course, LG’s DVLED isn’t the first wall-sized TV we’ve seen—that would be the Samsung Wall—but it does make use of the brand’s unique LED-as-pixel display technology. Most LED TVs actually use an LCD layer to create pixels, but LG’s new TVs use the LED diodes alone (three for each pixel) to do this. The result is a picture that promises to offer more vibrant colors and truer contrast, all without the risk of burn-in that comes with your average flat screen. Additionally, the panel can be used to display one complete image, or several at once in customized shapes.

One of LG's smaller DVLED TVs

One of LG’s smaller DVLED TVs  LG

To accommodate the 325-inch unit, you’ll need room for whole lot of LED diodes (anywhere from 2 million to 33 million), which is why these TVs are so huge. LG offers a variety of very large DVLED size options. There’s the Full-HD version that ranges in size from 81 and 215 inches; a 4K option that you can get between 163 to 325 inches and, finally, an 8K model that’s available in one size—325 inches. The top-of-the-line DVLED model packs 33 million LED diodes into its 23.6 feet by 13.3 feet frame and tips the scales an equally jaw-dropping 2,222 pounds. Just the installation required  special training.

Pricing hasn’t yet been announced for the full lineup, but CNET reports that the top-of-the-line model will run you a cool $1.7 million. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the Bentley Bentayga, Continental and Flying Spur cost combined—with room for another supercar or two. On the plus side, the theater-sized TV comes with a complimentary five-year customer service package which the brand values at $30,000. With a TV this big, we suspect you’ll need it.

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